Raven 3 Forks

Bernie Molaskey;  Rusty Sculpture


Found objects of rusty steel and old ranching and mining artifacts.

Bernie Molaskey

Public Sculpture

Statement & Resume


  • Bernie Molaskey;  Rusty Sculpture
  • Bernie Molaskey;  Rusty Sculpture
  • Bernie Molaskey; Rusty Sculpture
  • Bernie Molaskey;  Rusty Sculpture

    Artist Statement

    My rusty sculptures are made from found objects and often represent divinity, supernatural power or spirit beings. They often materialize in forms representing humans, birds or religious icons. Elevating the found object to something representing the divine is transformation. But transformation is not easy. The found object with its definitive physical shape is resistive to transformation and will have a strong input into what the sculpture can become. I am willing to spend time trying to understand these commonplace objects and sometimes, with a bit of transformation within myself, I can discover how these objects want to evolve.

    Found objects fascinate me. Yes, they often have wonderful shapes or repeating patterns, and to ponder their original function can lead to new knowledge or increased mystery. But what really excites me is when I find a tool where the hard steel has been worn down by decades or generations of human use. I wonder, does an old tool worn by human hands over countless hours hold more spirit than new metal that has never been touched? Can this embedded energy of spirit help the transformation? Found objects are not scrap metal to me but instead are precious, almost religious, artifacts abandoned from a rapidly changing society.


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